Relationship Property


The end of a relationship can be a distressing and uncertain time.  Our experience in separation and dissolution (divorce) will give you peace of mind that your best interests are being protected.  We talk you through the legalities and provide you with clear advice you can understand.  We can take a very strategic approach or a very pragmatic approach depending on what the situation requires.  You will always be well informed and feel comfortable voicing your questions or concerns with our team.  If you have gone through a recent separation and need some advice on what to do next, please call us for a free confidential discussion to see how we can help.

Contracting Out

Because the law makes presumptions about how your assets and liabilities will be divided if you separate, more and more often we are helping clients put an agreement in place with their current partner to protect assets they have brought in to the relationship.  It's called a Contracting Out Agreement and is the New Zealand equivalent of a "pre-nup".  It is a binding agreement to say what each person owns and owes and how these assets and liabilities will be dealt with both during the relationship and in the event of a relationship breakdown.  It becomes especially relevant where one person has significant assets or debts compared to their partner.  A common example is where a couple may live in a home that is owned by one partner or where one partner makes a larger cash contribution to a large relationship asset purchase.  If you are in a new relationship and need some advice about to protect your assets from an unforeseen separation, please call us for a free confidential discussion, we are happy to help.